Industry Leading Operations

Work with a Process-Driven Company

What makes an industry leading operations department? Our processes. Our operational processes allow us to remain results driven and allow for constant evaluation to ensure successful outcomes and mitigate risk of error. Prioritizing productivity enables all operational aspects to run at optimal pace. When working with Millennium you can have full confidence in our ability to organize and optimally execute each project.

"They have high standards and treat their industry colleagues with respect."
- Mike S., Houston, TX

There's No Substitute for Experience

Seventeen years in business is a testament to our proven ability to prioritize what matters most, experience. Since its inception, Millennium has partnered with the best staff, vendors, and suppliers to meet our operational needs, allowing us to cultivate long lasting relationships. We understand that people matter, which is why our staff brings a combined total of over 100 years of industry experience. Their experience is an indispensable asset to our operations.

What Rapid Remittance Means for You

A job well done deserves prompt and accurate compensation. We developed Millennium’s Rapid Remittance Process to ensure quality work with fast and accurate payment for each trade partner. In an industry where net 30+ is customary, our process ensures a much shorter turnaround time that keeps crews working and generating income.

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