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Last year, our company was recognized by the San Antonio Business Journal as one of the “Best Places to Work” and “Fastest Growing Companies” in town, and we’re constantly in pursuit of exceptional talent to integrate into our elite team—a team whose culture revolves around our core values of imagination, tenacity, reputation, and accountability.

We foster a collaborative culture that promotes diversity, collaboration, and personal and professional growth. At Millennium, we are not merely searching for employees but actively seeking individuals who share our passion for honing their unique skills or trades and are committed to constant evolution. Our company believes that getting the right people together with the right opportunity can achieve remarkable things for all.

If you align yourself with our organization, you will be part of a dynamic group of people passionate about bringing unique and ambitious energy development projects to fruition. This group of professionals is dedicated to excellence and always striving to exceed expectations. If you can make a difference and are up for the challenge, we hope you’ll consider joining the ranks of our growing organization.

—Richard Monroy, CEO

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Our Core Values



“I think I made an excellent choice in working here because I haven’t seen any opportunities like it. The environment is great, and I like that we build each other up through teamwork. Best of all, I like having a working relationship with the CEO, which isn’t very common.”

– Bert Adams, Junior Sales Consultant

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