High Risk, Big Rewards

Our calling is simple: a growing population of business owners and high net-worth individuals must reduce their yearly income tax burden. These sophisticated investors need high-risk, high-return investments to subsidize using otherwise-lost tax dollars. And America direly needs more domestically produced oil and natural gas resources.

Long-Term, Significant Return on Investment

Energy development thrives because successful projects can return significant gains.

Successful oil and gas development projects begin producing reserves and cash flow typically within weeks of completion and remain profitable for decades.

Long-term production statistically leads to returns of
5:1 or 10:1

Monthly Cash Flow

Most oil and gas development properties begin flowing resources shortly after drilling operations are completed. Having a constant sales stream provides a generous monthly cash flow.

Unlike investments like real estate, which produce a more modest monthly cash flow for the typical investor, successful oil and gas property development projects can generate a 10-15% monthly ROI.

monthly ROI that successful oil and gas property development projects can generate
10% To 15%

Tax Benefits of Oil and Gas Investments

For accredited investors, one tax-advantaged option stands out above all others: oil and gas development.

Federal tax laws intended to spur domestic oil and gas production have created substantial tax incentives for investors and small producers. An oil and gas investor can write off their entire investment that year from their active or ordinary income. Since ordinary income is the most difficult to shield from taxation, investing in oil and gas is a great shield.

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