The Forefront of Oil and Gas Exploration

Creative Concepts Backed by Science

Over the years, Millennium has evolved into a fully integrated oil and gas prospect generation, financing, operations, and production management entity. We partner with the most successful scientific and technical minds in oil and gas exploration to produce high-quality energy development opportunities.

We’re always seeking to break ground on innovative projects, and we aim to apply creative solutions to project development.

To support our status as the go-to company for idea development, Millennium has developed a patent-pending proprietary exploration process known as the Porosity Indicating Seismic Attribute (PISA) process. Using traditional and novel computer modeling techniques, the PISA process helps us identify hydrocarbon-bearing microfracture networks in South Texas’s Austin Chalk formation that are not easily detectable by conventional methods. Combined with years of experience, our innovative PISA process gets Millennium the best results for every project we undertake.

Unrivaled ROI for Your Project

With a diverse group of long-standing and enthusiastic investors, decades of development experience, and a proven track record of success on over 60 projects, Millennium PetroCapital is the premier partner to target your project’s quickest and best potential return on investment.

Submit Your Prospect Ideas

While we develop most of our own prospects, we always welcome the opportunity to review those with substantial geological merit, well control, and reliable seismic interpretations. Texas Gulf Coast 3-D supported opportunities preferred.

If you wish to submit an available prospect, please email a summary and any associated confidentiality documents to our exploration team.

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