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We’ve assembled these educational resources to give investors an overview of oil and gas property development.
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Geology 101

A “pay-sand” reservoir that contains economically producible hydrocarbons. Learn how we identify a potential pay-sand and determine its potential for “paying” an income.

What is 3-D Seismic?

Find out how innovative 3-D seismic technology reduces the number of dry holes and increases the overall number of successful wells

Life Cycle of an Oil Well

Take an in-depth look at the life of an oil well, from concept to cash flow. This video helps you understand all phases of oil and gas development, from exploration to land reclamation.

Using Seismic for Exploration

Oil and gas companies use seismic surveys to render detailed images of contours and structures beneath the Earth’s surface. Watch the video to find out how highly trained geoscientists interpret seismic data to determine the location and size of potential oil and gas reservoirs.

Drilling an Oil and Gas Well

See the technical side of how an oil and gas well is drilled: from preparing the drill site to the drilling phase and eventual product sales.

Introduction to Well Logging

Well logging is the process of making a detailed scientific record of the geologic formations penetrated by a well. Find out how scientists use well logs to find potential reservoirs.

Salt Water Disposal Facility

Learn about how owning a Salt Water Disposal Facility can generate monthly income and provide an environmentally safe method for disposing of the saltwater deposits found in the process of drilling.

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