2023 Fast Track 3rd Place Award: Millennium PetroCapital

January 29, 2024

Millennium has received recognition as one of the top companies for rapid growth by the San Antonio Business Journal (SABJ). This accomplishment showcases the remarkable 213 percent growth the company has experienced over three fiscal years.

The SABJ’s Fastest Growing Companies list recognizes the 23 finalists with remarkable revenue growth. These companies are assessed according to their performance, revenue generation, and overall influence on the local business environment. Being recognized on this esteemed list highlights Millennium’s significant impact on the energy industry and its valuable contribution to the economic growth of San Antonio and beyond.

The acknowledgment of Millennium as one of SABJ’s Fastest Growing Companies clearly indicates the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and being at the forefront of the industry. With the ever-changing oil and gas industry, Millennium is in a prime position to take advantage of new prospects and foster long-term growth.

While Millennium has not secured the top position, it is worth acknowledging its remarkable growth in a fiercely competitive market. It is a direct outcome of the combined dedication and hard work of every member of this organization. Every person involved, from the forward-thinking leaders to the committed staff, has been instrumental in achieving this remarkable tale.

Although some may view achieving a third-place position as a setback, we remain optimistic and undeterred. For Millennium, earning third place is not seen as a setback but as a valuable milestone on our path of continuous progress. Our performance in this competition provides a chance to evaluate our accomplishments, assess areas for enhancement, and establish fresh objectives for the future.

Being acknowledged as one of the leading companies in San Antonio also boosts Millennium’s credibility and strengthens its reputation within the business community. It emphasizes our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements, delivering top-notch products and services, and ensuring our customers are always satisfied — qualities that clients frequently consider while evaluating companies.

We are committed to consistently improving and striving for excellence, which will result in significant advancements in the local business scene. This experience will fuel our ongoing success as we stay dedicated to broadening our horizons and delivering exceptional services to our clients.

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