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Mineral Owners

Want to sell or lease your mineral or royalty interests? Call Millennium PetroCapital.

To explore and produce the natural resources on a property is the right of every mineral owner. In our 15 years of conducting business, we’ve always valued and nurtured our relationship with mineral and landowners as they are the backbone of any successful project. Today, we continue our commitment to positive, long-lasting landowner relations and collaboration.

There are various options for mineral owners to capitalize on the resources of their property. Call or email our Land department today if you are interested in discussing your property or mineral owner rights and the potential opportunities they may provide.

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"They have high standards and treat their industry colleagues with respect."
- Mike S., Houston, TX.

Prospect Generators

Submit your available prospect for consideration today. Texas Gulf Coast 3-D supported opportunities preferred.

Over the years, Millennium has evolved into a fully integrated oil and gas prospect generation, financing, operations, and production management entity. Our capabilities attract the most successful scientific and technical minds in oil and gas exploration, which we partner with to produce high-quality energy development opportunities.

We always welcome the opportunity to review prospects with substantial geological merit, well control, and reliable seismic interpretations. Please email a summary and any associated confidentiality documents to our exploration team to present your prospect for consideration.

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Trade Partners

Our success relies on healthy relationships and communication with trade partners in the field. Our pre-qualification system allows us to identify and track better the skills, services, and capabilities of each of our specialty vendors. This process benefits vendors by ensuring you receive Bid Invitations based on your specific operating area and specialty. 

A further benefit to trade partners is that our system ensures that your company systemically enters our accounts payable structure, making the invoice and payment processing more fluid and expeditious.

Join Millennium’s network of trade specialists today.

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