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Energy Development from Concept to Cash Flow

Gain access to strategic oil and gas ventures with potential long-term investment returns and considerable tax benefits.

Return on Investment
The most common way to directly invest in developing an oil and gas-producing property is a partnership. Millennium’s energy development ventures aim at producing indispensable resources and capitalizing on solid pricing and a steady, unquenchable market.
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Tax Benefits
Federal tax laws intended to spur domestic oil and gas production created substantial tax incentives for investors and small producers. Generally, an investor writes off their entire capitalization in the current year from their Active Income, sometimes referred to as Ordinary Income. This type of income is the most difficult to shield from income taxation.
Cash Flow
Most oil and gas development properties begin flowing resources shortly after the completion of well operations. Depending on production volumes, sales can start immediately and remain active 24/7. This constant sales stream affords developers generous monthly cash flow, often reaching 10% of their investment per month
Why Choose Us?

Our calling is simple: a growing population of business owners and high net-worth individuals need to reduce their yearly income tax burden. These sophisticated investors need high-risk, high-return investments that they can substantially subsidize using otherwise-lost tax dollars. Also, America needs domestically produced oil and natural gas resources.

Who Are We?

Millennium PetroCapital Corporation is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and is a dynamic developer of oil and gas producing properties throughout the Texas Gulf Coast Basin. Richard Monroy founded Millennium to nurture strategic alliances with industry trailblazers, technical experts, mineral owners, and investors. Fifteen years after our inception, Millennium now boasts a resume of over 60 executed projects spanning 28 Texas counties.

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