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Who We Are

Our calling is simple: a growing population of business owners and high net-worth individuals need to reduce their yearly income tax burden. These sophisticated investors need high-risk, high-return investments that they can substantially subsidize using otherwise-lost tax dollars. Also, America is in dire need of domestically produced oil and natural gas resources.

Millennium PetroCapital Corporation is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and is a dynamic developer of oil and gas producing properties throughout the Texas Gulf Coast Basin. Richard Monroy founded Millennium to nurture strategic alliances with industry trailblazers, technical experts, mineral owners, and investors. Fifteen years after our inception, Millennium now boasts a resume of over 60 executed projects spanning 28 Texas counties. 


“Energy development can be exciting with the right company. Millennium’s who I’ll keep.”
Mike L., Cleveland, OH.

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors

Our ever-expanding geological library and intellectual assets provide investors with diversified development options to fit their financial goals. Bridging the power of private investment with these valuable resources is our proven solution for providing investors with exciting investment opportunities and vital tax savings.

Millennium is also a licensed, bonded, and insured oil and gas operating company with an internal operations team specialized in developing upstream assets. This unique integration provides our partners with superior technical and operational expertise from an operating partner with a vested interest.

Executive Team

Richard Monroy

Chief Executive Officer

A visionary and strategic leader, Mr. Monroy has innovated in numerous facets of oil and gas development over the last two decades as a professional financier, investor, and developer. Mr. Monroy holds a creative eye for opportunity, acuity for oil and gas transactions, and passion for creating a stable, mechanized, dynamic company. These driving forces are behind Millennium’s success and have allowed the company to evolve to its 15th year in business.

Mr. Monroy believes that success as an entrepreneurial business owner stems from his commitment to Millennium’s Core Values: Imagination, Boldness, Tenacity, Reputation. 

He is an active member of the Texas Independent Royalty Owners Association, Independent Petroleum Association of America, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, National Association of Royalty Owners, Better Business Bureau, and Texas Oil and Gas Association.

Jody Brown

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Brown brings Millennium PetroCapital Corporation twenty years of experience in accounting and finance as our Chief Financial Officer. Armed with an Associate Degree in Accounting from San Antonio College, he has provided specialized administrative oversight to accounting departments across the oilfield, banking, and healthcare sectors. 

Mr. Brown holds clear direction, strong financial acumen, and experience in upholding our stringent standards of fiduciary responsibility. He provides company management with valuable financial strategies and actionable data crucial in our fast-paced business environment. Mr. Brown also dedicates himself to ensuring that all asset information reaches investors in the most concise and straightforward way.

Mr. Brown holds clear direction, strong financial acumen, and experience in leading accounts payable and receivable departments. He dedicates himself to ensuring that all asset information reaches our investors in the most concise and straightforward format. Our industry has recognized Mr. Brown for his outstanding attention to detail and commitment to service excellence.

Bob Stinziano

Senior Vice President of Operations

Since 2019, Mr. Stinziano has brought more than thirty years of South Texas oil and gas operating expertise to Millennium PetroCapital Corporation as our Vice President of Operations. 

Mr. Stinziano entered the oil and gas industry in 1985 as General Manager of Brandon and Steele in Los Angeles, California. In 1987, Mr. Stinziano formed and acted as President of Gerwin-Stinziano Securities, Inc., a FINRA firm specializing in the funding and managing of producing oil and gas properties in South Texas. At that time, Mr. Stinziano was an invitational speaker at a UCLA symposium on the financing of public and private placements in the movie industry. 

In 1991, Mr. Stinziano moved to San Antonio, Texas, to open a Gerwin-Stinziano Securities branch. He simultaneously served as President of Stinger Oil and Gas, Inc. From 2002 to 2012, Mr. Stinziano acted as Registered Principal for Trinity Securities Inc., specializing in funding energy investments in South Texas. From 2012 to 2015, Mr. Stinziano served as Vice President of Operations for Republic Resources, LLC, an oil and gas operating company, and Trinity Securities, Inc.

Jason Guckian

Senior Vice President of Investor Relations

Mr. Guckian brings over a decade of successful oil and gas financing experience to our company. In that time, he’s been an instrumental financier of many ambitious projects throughout Texas. 

Mr. Guckian received a BA in Business Administration from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, where he was a three-time All-Conference defensive player and captain of the university’s football team. He eventually secured an honorary Master’s Degree in Physical Education. After a brief career in professional sports, Mr. Guckian founded a thriving fitness center and, through his success, became a specialized industry consultant and a published author. 

Before joining Millennium PetroCapital Corporation, Mr. Guckian began his career in the oil and gas industry in 2008. During that time, he developed a specialization in energy projects’ funding. Mr. Guckian originally served as a licensed securities broker holding a Series 22 and Series 63 securities license. He later attained a Series 39 Principal’s License when promoted to Vice President for Trinity Securities, Inc.

Miles Johnson

Vice President of Exploration

With over a decade of experience in the cattle, land, and the oil and gas business, Mr. Johnson brings a unique background and understanding of multiple aspects of exploration in the Texas Gulf Coast. 

Mr. Johnson joined Millennium in February of 2019 as Senior Landman, successfully managing the land department through numerous bold projects. As a result of this proficiency and creative problem solving, he became Vice President of Exploration in March 2021. Now he oversees all aspects of prospect research and development and creates complex exploration solutions.

 Originally from Arlington, Texas, Mr. Johnson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from Texas State University. Before joining Millennium, Mr. Johnson owned and operated a successful land services company specializing in title research and seismic data permitting. He was also Ranch Manager and consultant for several large-scale cattle operations throughout central and south Texas.

Ivan Cisneros

Vice President of Marketing

Mr. Cisneros brings Millennium PetroCapital an intensely creative mind powered by a BA in Digital Media Communication from the University of Texas at San Antonio. 

Mr. Cisneros competed in dozens of club triathlons in college and attended the USA Collegiate National Championship three times. He claims that the discipline and willpower required to compete in such a physically demanding sport has fueled his commitment to excellence in the workplace. Mr. Cisneros joined Millennium as a Graphic & Marketing Specialist in March of 2021 and promptly rose to the position of Vice President of Marketing in less than half a year. 

Before joining Millennium PetroCapital, Mr. Cisneros was a Marketing Specialist for various startups in the San Antonio area, ranging from creative pursuits to tech staffing to software as a service. His diverse skill-set elevated the brand aesthetic and presence of the companies he served. Mr. Cisneros is paramount to Millennium’s evolution into the digital age and its continued success.

David Staples

Field Operations Superintendent

Mr. Staples is a dedicated professional who brings 44-years of progressive, hands-on oilfield experience to the Millennium family. His areas of expertise are numerous and include onsite supervision of all field operations, including cost projections, well-completion procedures, troubleshooting down-hole issues, troubleshooting surface problems, production planning, scheduling, and preventive maintenance. 

In 1974, Mr. Staples started right out of high school in his family-owned oil field service business. He managed the daily operations of multiple drilling and workover rigs and an 80-person staff. Mr. Staple’s experience in this family enterprise also included running its oil field supply store and pump repair shop. Before joining Millennium, Mr. Staples was the Production Superintendent for a San Antonio-based operator where, for 16 years, he ran the day-to-day field operations. This collective experience made him an indispensable problem solver. 

A results-oriented leader, Mr. Staples lends his decades of experience to company projects: ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and cost control.

Claudia Kline

Executive Assistant

As the Executive Assistant of Millennium PetroCapital Corporation, Ms. Kline is second to none. Her experience as a legal assistant to the partners of two distinguished Chicago law firms provided her with the business acumen her position requires. Her experience in office management, organization, and administrative assistance makes her a critical member of the Millennium team.

Ms. Kline moved to San Antonio in 2017 and successfully assisted our Executive Team in project development and execution, scheduling, and secretarial duties. Ms. Kline’s assistance with the day-to-day managerial aspects of Millennium directly maintains order and vastly contributes to the company’s continued success.

Alicea Hoffman

Administrative Assistant & Corporate DEvelopment Associate

Ms. Hoffman graduated from Texas State University-San Marcos in 2020 with a degree in Public Relations with a Business Administration minor. A half-year after graduating, Ms. Hoffman joined Millennium PetroCapital as the Administrative Assistant for the Investor Relations Department. Her problem-solving skills, impeccable data reporting, and her background in public relations allowed Ms. Hoffman to quickly rise to the position of Administrative Assistant & Corporate Development Associate within a few months. 

Before joining Millennium PetroCapital, Ms. Hoffman gained valuable experience as a Public Relations Manager for a health and fitness company and designing websites in her free time. Her other notable achievements include holding the CAPM certification from the PMI Institute and working with Millennium’s Marketing Department to get our message to a broader audience.

Our Pledge

A Professional Partnership. 

Our Core Values

  • Imagination
  • Boldness
  • Tenacity
  • Reputation

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